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Do you carry any stock?
We do not carry any stock, our entire sublimated line-up is custom made to your specifications.

Do you offer children's sizes?
Yes. All of our garments are available in children's sizes from Childs XS to Childs XL.

What is the minimum order?
The minimum order is 15 units per style. If you would like to order smaller quantities, an additional surcharge will be charged accordingly. (i.e. 10 - 14 units incur a 25% surcharge; 5 - 9 units incur a 50% surcharge)

Can your styles be made in our club colours?
Yes. All of our garments are custom made allowing you to pick colours and fabrics along with the style options that you want.

How long does an order take for delivery?
Our typical turnaround time is 1 - 2 weeks.

Can we re-order the same suit in the future?
Yes. No style is ever taken out of production. We keep everything (including your artwork) on record.

Can we put our logo on the clothing?
Yes. We offer several options for printing or embroidering your logo onto your garment.

How long will the sublimation print last? 
A sublimation print will last the lifespan of the fabric. It cannot be washed out.

How should I care for my sublimated apparel? 
All custom apparel should be washed inside out, in cold water and then hung to dry. Garments should be removed from the washing machine as soon as possible after completion of the washing cycle. This will preserve the technical features, colour and print clarity and protect your other clothing items from potential running of colours and ink. Tumble drying is not recommended as it may cause the fabric to shrink and the heat will cause the print to bleed. 

What design options does Vel Sportswear offer? 
There are two options:
• Special make-up garments allow you to create full-custom designs. Together with our artists you can create any design and range of colours to suit your specific needs.
• Standard designs are existing templates you can select from. You can specify the colour scheme and placement of your logo on the garment.